Hello, there. I’m Pete and I shall be hosting this website for you and people like you to read. You are very welcome. If you wish to reproduce any part of this website, I ask that you give me credit in the reproduction. Thank you.

I’ve never been entirely sure what to put up on this website. I don’t particularly enjoy talking about myself, but I do enjoy sharing my experiences with my family, my friends and those I haven’t met yet on the pages of this site.

These pages mostly serve as a reference for me. As time goes by my memory seems to be getting worse and I don’t keep a diary, so I tend to put stuff in my blog to look at later, wherever I am. If you find it useful or entertaining, then that is an added bonus.

So that’s what I do, I write computer code, programs, software, whatever you want to call it. I do it for fun on the whole but since I graduated with a degree in Software Engineering from The University of Birmingham, a small succession of companies have chosen to pay me to design and write software for them. This is very kind of them. I consider myself very lucky that I get paid to do something that I enjoy.

I work on the development team at Envato, who are awesome (and still hiring). If you are interested in the kind of work I have done, I have documented a fair amount of it at Careers 2.0 (by Stack Overflow) I prefer this to a traditional resume as it’s easier to keep up-to-date (some of it is updated automatically).

I am currently based in the marvellous city of Melbourne, Australia, where I live with my ever-charming wife, Kirsty. We moved to Australia at the end of 2005 as K likes the warm weather and I love the smell of eucalyptus in the morning. Since moving here, our family has grown to include two splendid sons who provide us with hours of fun.

I’m always interested to hear from people reading this site and to learn what they think. Details on how to contact me are elsewhere on this site. You are intelligent enough to navigate your way around these pages. If you can’t do it, then I haven’t designed the layout correctly, so please let me know.

Nice to have met you!