In The Before Times™ we used to like to go to restaurants. Of course, part of the restaurant dining experience is being asked, “how is your meal?” Just as a forkful of said meal has entered the diner’s mouth. There’s a polite nod with the mouth covered by a hand, followed by a quiet acknowledgement, “very nice. Thank you!” And that is that. The review is acknowledged.

These days, we cannot go to restaurants, we have to buy things online and surrender an email address. Sometime after making a purchase, we’re e-mithered, “Your opinion is important to us” and there are five stars inviting attention. The review does not stop with the retailer; it is to be broadcast to the entire world along with other data important to the reviewee: name, location, age range and gender.

Very nice. Thank you.

—@johnsyweb, Planet Earth, 0-99 & none of your business.